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Plumbing Inspection

Get Your Plumbing Equipment Inspected From an Expert.

When To Opt For Plumbing Inspection In Arizona

The purpose of the plumbing inspection service is to make sure that all the plumbing equipments are installed properly. Generally, this inspection is done in a newly constructed or renovated building, you should opt for our service when you are moving into another house. Our service is an endeavor to protect your health from chemical contamination of public water supply by accidental backflow of wastewater. In short, our service prevents you from ailments. We aren’t doctors though! 

Getting plumbing equipments checked by a professional plumber has numerous benefits. Our service is trustworthy and rewarding in the long term. In our service, we inspect the following things: 

1. Water supply line (in your premise) 

2. Taps

3. Sinks

4. Drainpipe 

5. Supply pipe 

6. Sewer pipe 

7. Water heater 

8. Water softener 

9. Garbage disposal 

10. Pipe insulation 

11. Pipe joints/union/bend 

The above is the namesake, actually, we inspect much more stuff. It is annoying for homeowners to inspect every joint thus, we are here.

Schedule Plumbing Inspection With Us

Nothing is worth more than the health of your family. Do you agree with us? If yes, schedule a plumbing inspection with us. Our certified plumbers won’t miss even a single pipe joint to inspect. Contact us at +1 602-717-7162, you can also write to us at info@azpreferredplumbing.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a plumbing permit to install plumbing equipment? 

Yes, permits are required in case you are introducing major changes in drainage, plumbing, or water supply system. 

2. When should I apply for a permit? 

Excluding emergency situations, you should apply and secure all the necessary permits before the work commences.