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Useful Tips for Plumbing Emergencies

emergency plumbing

Useful Tips for Plumbing Emergencies

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You can’t anticipate when you may require emergency plumbing services. A plumbing fiasco can occur out of nowhere, hence you can’t prepare for it. You should of course do everything you can to make sure that such things don’t happen. But unfortunately, plumbing emergencies are inevitable. You will have to face it in your life at least once, be it a minor one but it will happen. We want to prepare you for situations just like those. Here are basic tips to stay on top of plumbing emergencies before you call professionals.

Turn Off The Water

No matter what problem you find yourself in, the first thing to do is turn off the water in the affected area. If you’re not sure which line to turn off, you can shut off your main line as well. You’ll have to shut off the main line in cases like burst pipes. However, if the problem is a single leaking pipe or faucet, you can shut off the valve of that particular area.

Turn Off Your Water Heater

Some of the most common plumbing emergencies occur with the water heater systems. Hence, after turning off the main water valve, turn off your water heater system. That way, you will make sure that the water heater doesn’t pile up on your existing problems. Make sure that you turn off the gas before you turn off the system, if you have a water heater that runs on gas.

Open Drains & Faucets

Even after turning off the water valve, you will have plenty of water in your home as well as plumbing system. By opening drains and faucets, you can guide this water away from causing more damage. You may face a blocked line. In such cases, you can try your hand at plunging the blockage out. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. Our plumbers will be on their way anyway, if you’ve called them.

Don’t Use Chemicals

You may have come across those chemicals in the store that claim to be drain cleaners. They might seem like a good DIY fix, but trust us, they are very bad news for your plumbing lines. They may get you out of some situations, but they will still have a negative impact on your pipes. Chemicals can damage your pipe material from inside. So, using chemicals for short fix may cost you even more and you may have to repipe the damaged system in the future.

Call Professional Emergency Plumbers

This is the most important step. If you believe yourself to be an excellent craftsman, you should surely believe that a minor plumbing emergency shouldn’t be much of a hard task for you. However, my friend, you may end up in bigger trouble than you are in right now if you don’t act at the right time. It’s always best to call AZ Preferred Plumbing in plumbing emergencies. You can never know how deep the roots are of those plumbing emergency, which can only be examined and fixed on time by the professionals. Hence, don’t try to fix it yourself and call us now.

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