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Get your job done in a minute’s time with the help of expert Tempe plumbers in AZ. AZ Preferred Plumbing is a premier plumbing service providing company, proudly serving the greater Tempe area. Our Tempe Plumbers provide extraordinary plumbing, water heater repair and installation, drain cleaning services, leak detection and many other services to meet all your plumbing needs in Tempe. Contact us at 480-300-1515.

Know Tempe Facts

Tempe was originally inhabited by the Hohokam people; however, they left the area in the 15th century. Tempe Arizona’s namesake is Vale of Tempe in Greece and the settling of the area didn’t begin until 1865, with the establishment of Fort McDowell. Currently, Tempe is a thriving metropolitan area that is home to the arts and education.

Tempe Plumber in Arizona

Being an experienced plumbing company, our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with all of our plumbing services. Our plumbers are professional, reliable and certified. With over 25 years of plumbing experience, our company knows the ins and outs of the plumbing industry.


Coming to the water leak detection, every drop of clean water is precious. Unfortunately, 40-50% of water lost through aging infrastructure and that lost water tends to lost revenue to the water service supplier.


It is virtually impossible to visually determine the location of the leaks unless the water has reached the surface and the exact location may be indeterminate. It requires special technologies that allow inspectors to precisely determine the location and severity of pipeline leaks.


In this field, we continue to grow and advance by utilizing both established technology and by adopting emerging methods.

Know About Water Leak Detection System

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or you manage properties, it is important to protect your premises against water damage. Two of the most common sources that can cause water damage are leaking pipes and burst water pipes. Unfortunately, we cannot see pipe damage until it is too late.
In order to prevent serious damage, it is essential to install a water leak system that will detect a plumber before disaster hits.


The water leak detection system by Tempe Plumber will alert you to even the smallest of leaks so that you can resolve them quickly.

Benefits of Installing Water Leak Detection Systems

In the US, many insurance companies encourage home and business owners to install water leak detection equipment in the same way that they would routinely install fire alarms. You will find that the cost of your insurance premiums may fall if you install such a system as we understand that what you are doing is to prevent water damage.
By detecting a damaged pipe, you can prevent your property from being destroyed by water damage. Water can quickly ruin furniture and belongings as well as cause mold and damp

How does Water Leak Detection System work?

When our plumbers install a water leak detection system, they ensure that the system can monitor up to 16 different leak zones and will give you audible and visual warning signs that alert you to an issue. Whether you have a flood in your room or if the tea point in your office has a problem – our built-in house systems will enable you to spring into action straight away.


Our systems are beneficial to the owner of properties that are unoccupied such as school buildings or empty office buildings.


If water is leaking for periods then it can cause more damage than it would if it was detected and dealt with promptly. As you know water leaks are a very common occurrence. Hot water tanks have a certain lifetime period and require maintenance as well as a replacement when the life span limit is near.


These have a tendency to leak or even break over time. Another common source of damage is burst pipes due to freezing, you can prevent it by ensuring heat maintenance.

What you should do to maintain your system?

If you really want to know how your leak detection device is going to work as it is supposed to then maintenance is the key.


If you live in an area with known hard water, you may have to wash the screen when it will get blocked due to the hard water. If the screen gets blocked, the device sends a notification: “No flow registered for 24 hours, the device may require cleaning.” You can ensure the device is working properly by checking the unit every six months.


This will confirm the solenoid is active and you could arrange an annual inspection.

How Can Our Plumbers Prevent Water Damage?

Tempe Plumber at AZ Preferred Plumbing installs a water leak detection device firstly and it is certainly a step in the right direction! However, water can enter your home through heavy rains, sewer back up and inland floods, to name but a few. Sometimes you cannot do anything to prevent water from coming in, but you can take some steps to minimize the damage to your property:

If Water Strikes

How Accurate is Water Leak Detection?

At AZ Preferred Plumbing, we make use of the latest technology to detect both internal and external leaks. Our Tempe Plumber can comfortably say that our leak detection methodologies have an accuracy rate of over 90%. Below are some of the most common non-invasive leak detection methods we use:  
Thermal Imaging Cameras
The difference in the hotness and coolness of the most objects around us is so small that we cannot sense it through touch. This is where thermal imaging cameras come to our rescue. All the objects emit a form of heat energy known as infrared radiation.
You can measure its temperature by knowing the amount of heat energy produced by an object. The minute differences in the amount of infrared radiation emitted by different objects can detect by an infrared camera. Thus, by making use of the difference in the levels of infrared radiation, it became possible to identify even hidden objects.


To detect the amounts of infrared radiation emitted by pipes, our certified plumbers holds an infrared camera close to the surface. This specialized camera can produce an image of what lies beneath the surface based on the amount of infrared radiation it can detect.


Areas around leaks tend to emit lower levels of infrared energy and are thus immediately visible on a thermogram. Our technicians use the handled version of the camera so that the thermogram is displayed on a screen on the opposite end of the device.
Acoustic Listening Devices
The working principle of the leak detection method is the most straight forward of the four-method used by ADI (Acoustic Listening Devices). Acoustic refers to sound and the way it behaves when it passes through different substances and when it encounters various surfaces.
These devices are able to detect the subtle differences in the sounds produced by flowing water within pipes. These minute sound differences are amplified and relayed to a headset. An acoustic listening device is composed of a highly sensitive microphone, an amplifier unit and a headset.


While looking for leaks within walls and floors in your home, our technician holds the microphone end of the acoustic device close to the surface of the wall.


Our plumbers are able to accurately pinpoint the location of the leak by picking up the sounds produced at the break where water is escaping from the pipe.
Tracer Gases
Tracer gas is simply a gas that is not poisonous, colorless, odorless and unreactive. This gas can neither be carbon dioxide, helium, nitrous oxide, Sulphur hexafluoride, or any other gas whose presence is detectable by the use of a specialized gas detector.


To detect a leak in your home, the system in question is first emptied of its contents. Our certified technicians then introduce a mixture of two gases, hydrogen and nitrogen into the piping infrastructure at a safe pressure of 2 atmospheres.


At the point where there is a leak in the piping, the tracer gas leaks out and is thus easily detected using a handheld gas detector. It is worth telling that this method is not as efficient in leak detection as the previous two methods. This method is over 99.5% accurate in leak detection.

Leak Correlators

Leak Correlators method is used on a much larger scale than the above three methods. It is thus used in leak detection in large farms or industrial complexes with vast underground piping infrastructure. The system is composed of multiple electromagnetic sensors that are placed at fixed intervals along a pipeline.


The sensors can pick up electronic pulses sent from various points along the pipeline. By comparing the delay time of the sender and receiver end, a leak at any point in the pipeline can be located. Due to its large application, this method is not as efficient as the previous three methods discussed above.

Tempe Plumbing Services by AZ Preferred Plumbing

It is important to take care of your property’s plumbing system. It is one of those things, we always take it for granted until something goes wrong. Your toilet gets backed up, you can’t get water running from your faucets or your bathroom is flooded.


When these situations arise, you need a licensed and insured Tempe plumber with the skills and knowledge to fix the problem quickly and effectively. If you are in need of water leak detection or any general plumbing services in the Tempe area, AZ Preferred Plumbing is here to serve your every need.
Our team of plumbers has extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your plumbing repair and service needs are completed efficiently and correctly. We are licensed and more than capable of handling any of your plumbing needs, whether large or small. Further, we have high standards of excellence and we ensure that every detail is attended to so that your plumbing job is done right the first time.


We provide many kinds of plumbing services from simple ones like toilet plumbing and more complex tasks like water heater repair. Whatever the case, with outstanding customer service and workmanship, AZ Preferred Plumbing is prepared to take on the challenge.