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Sun City Plumber

Reliable HVAC & Plumbing Services in Sun City and Surrounding Areas

AZ Plumbing offers comprehensive solutions for plumbing and HVAC. Our knowledgeable and skilled plumbers and technicians are available round the clock to resolve the issues of our customers. We outstretch our services to residential and commercial buildings. Our plumbers are committed to serving with utmost customer satisfaction. 
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HVAC Installation

Our energy-efficient ultra-modern heating and cooling apparatus can cut the cost of electricity. These equipment are designed to provide better comfort, temperature control, humidity regulation, and obstruct allergens to enter in the ambient space. 

We offer our services to newly constructed buildings and existing buildings also. We have a wide variety of systems to cater to the needs of all of buildings and applications. 
We have a range of efficient furnaces, multi-stage compressors, heat pumps, and variable speed air distributors. We provide installation of ductless air conditioner and evaporative coolers with smart thermostats. 

We provide 5 stars rated equipments and installation service in Sun City, Arizona. Feel free to contact us for quotations and queries. 

Repairing Of Heating And Air Conditioning Equipments

When visiting your premises we take every precaution laid out by the federal government regarding COVID-19. We intend to find the faults in the system speedily and solve the same with high precision and reliability. 
Our team of plumbers and technicians is equipped with modern equipment to diagnose issues quickly and accurately. Our team always carries extra spare parts, in case existing parts are broken or worn out. 

We adhere to quality norms and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) engineered by our team of experts. Before leaving the sight our plumber/s and technicians test the heater/air conditioner at peak performance to ensure perfect functioning. 

We guarantee to provide holistic repair services in the Sun City

Preventive Maintenance in Spring and Fall for Your HVAC Appliances

We encourage our clients to always invest in preventive maintenance to avoid high electricity bills. Another reason for preventive maintenance is to avoid any failure in peak time.

Our technicians are NATE-certified, when they visit at sight, they inspect each equipment of the heating and cooling system to ensure the efficient functioning of the unit. They tune-up the system to withstand the load in peak time. 

We provide a one-stop solution for your HVAC appliances in the town of Sun City

We extend our service in the following aspects of plumbing also: 
Our team of plumbers is proficient in leak detection and repair. They find leakage in a complex piping network effectively. The process of detection of leakage starts with the inspection of obvious signs of leakage and further down to below the surface if needed. Our plumber causes minimum damage to your property if the source of the leakage is underneath the wall/floor. 
We offer reliable water heater repair service in the Sun City. Our team of plumbers responds quickly when they receive a water heater repair job because we understand hot water has multiple uses in household chores and bathing. Due to a faulty water heater, all the chores can get halted.  
Generally, most of the pipes are directly exposed to cold weather which leads to the freezing of liquid. To prevent this, a pipe should be covered with an insulation shield before winter arrives. If we fail to do so, it can cause burst and repairing costs of the same climbs to thousands of dollars. Drop your problem in the ‘Contact Us’ form (available on our website) now!
A clogged drain causes a delay in daily chores and leaving unwanted residue behind. The reason for pipe clogging is the buildup of hair, grease, and other semi-solid or fluidic substances, the best way to avoid clogging is periodic maintenance. Call our plumber to get it done for you.
Our competent plumber is trained to install and deal with every kind of fault in commercial plumbing. We have expertise in repairing silent leakages, low water pressure, sewer odors, and running toilets in your office building. Our plumbers are ready to deal with complex piping faults in odd hours too. 
We offer every service for sewer lines including sewer line cleaning, sewer line replacement, and sewer line repair. Our professional plumber/s can solve sewer problems such as tree roots, bellied pipes, corrosion, and leaking joints.  Our service is available 24/7 to address the problem of customers. 

HVAC and Plumbing Services for Residence and Business

AZ Preferred Plumbing is a one stop shop for the repair and installation of heating and air conditioning appliances. Moreover, we give plumbing services to commercial buildings and residences in Sun City of Arizona, USA. We serve our customers 24/7 with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance and Installations

At AZ Preferred plumbing & HVAC we provide quick responsive maintenance, repair, and installation service. Our proficient plumbers and technician/s not only fix the issues but also provide technical advice to the customers. 

5 Common AC Problems and their Solutions

Here is the list of common AC problems that you can solve without any expertise:
There could be many reasons for not turning on  of ACs. The most common problem is the tripped circuit breaker. Find the cause of the tripping of the MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), resolve it, switch on the circuit breaker and turn on the AC. 

Another reason can be improper thermostat setting. Check the batteries of the thermostat, replace it, if it is dead. Now check the thermostat setting and set the desired temperature. 
For the normal functioning of AC, an evaporator coil has to receive air from outside. If the airflow system is blocked then the evaporator freezes and AC stops working. The reason for choking up the airflow system is faulty fans, choked filters, blocked ducts, and vents. To avoid this problem you should clean the filter and surroundings of the outdoor unit regularly.  
Your air conditioner will not blow cold air due to choked filters. If you don’t clean the filters regularly it will not only reduce the cooling capacity but also freezes the condenser. We recommend you to change the filters periodically to experience top-notch cooling effects. 
Due to the continuous usage of air conditioning appliances, the drainage pipeline gets blocked. The cause of this issue is algae, fungi, dust, mildew and dirt. To avoid this problem, you should inspect the drainpipe regularly and clean if needed. 

You can contact our plumber to fix this problem. 
The condenser is an important part of the air conditioner because it rejects the heat of ambient space into the atmosphere. If the heat is not rejected properly then the cooling effect reduces. The solution is to clean the fins (with blowers if possible). If the problem persists, call our technician to clean the coil. 

AC Repair and Maintenance

We the team of AZ Preferred Plumbing & HVAC are experienced and NATE-certified. We are available 24/7 to provide service to our customers. Our technician is equipped with modern tools to detect the fault.  

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your AC

We advise our customers to replace the system if the cost of the repair exceeds 50% of the initial value. The below mentioned faults are very expensive to repair if you face these problems then consider replacing your HVAC appliances. 

Refrigerant Leaks


Faulty Sensor

Fan Problems

Damaged Compressor

AC Installation

We provide installation of energy saving 5 stars rated HVAC appliances. We offer finance for the new equipment. Our technician assists you to select suitable appliances considering your preference and load calculation. We offer our service to residential as well as commercial buildings. 

Request a call or fill the ‘Contact Us’ form for a consultation or directly call our plumber. 

Heating Maintenance, Repairs, and Installations

We provide installation, repair, and fall maintenance for your HVAC & Plumbing equipment. Our sphere of service is expanded to the residence and commercial building. We are a leading maintenance and repair service provider in the region of Sun City, Arizona. Don’t delay the maintenance of your heating appliances. Call us now! 

Heating Equipment Repair and Maintenance

We provide 24/7 repair and maintenance service with guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. Our NATE-certified technicians and plumbers are well trained and experienced. We follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) drafted by our team of experts for fault finding. Our service is relatively affordable so don’t wait and call us now!

Heating Installation and Replacement

According to the US Energy Information Administration, heating and air conditioning account for 51% of total energy usage in 2015. This necessitates installing energy efficient HVAC appliances to lower the energy cost. We provide installation service of a heating appliance in the region of Sun City, USA.

Common Problems in Heating

Here is the list of some common problems of the heating system and their possible solutions. Don’t hesitate to call us if the problem doesn’t get solved. We are addressing our customer’s issues even in the darkest hour of the night. In Sun City, our service is more reliable and prompt than others. 
If your heating appliance is fuel (natural gas or oil) operated then inspect the gas pipeline and pilot. Clear the carbon deposits at the pilot and try to ignite it. 

If your appliances are electrically powered then see the power cables and connections. Another reason could be a tripped circuit breaker. Switch on the circuit breaker after resolving the issue of tripping. 

Life Saving Tip – If the circuit breaker is tripping frequently inspect the wiring of your residence/office to avoid an electrical fire .
In heating equipment, the thermostat controls the temperature and directs the system to turn off. 

This problem arises if the thermostat is either broken or set on ‘stay on’ mode.

Hence, Check the setting of the thermostat and switch to ‘auto’ mode if it is working on ‘stay on’ mode. 

If the setting of the thermostat is perfect then it must be broken, inspect the wiring, and repair if it is disconnected otherwise call us. 
You need to inspect the following pieces of equipment to find and solve the issue: 

Air Filter – Check the air filters, it might be clogged from dust, debris, smoke, aerosols, and allergens. Excess hair from pets is the major cause of clogging. 

Want to prevent this problem and save money?

Clean the air filters regularly and call us for preventive maintenance annual maintenance to avoid replacement. 

Air Duct – A leaky air duct could be the culprit of this problem. The only way to check is, climb to your attic, crawl along with the ductwork and feel the hot air.

 Don’t forget to set the fan at maximum speed before hopping onto the attic. 

Fan – If you have installed a forced circulation of airflow then you need to inspect the fan. There are two reasons  which stops the fan from operating. First is a blown motor and another is a broken capacitor. 

Both of the latter faults require expertise to solve them. 

Our HVAC technicians are available 24/7 to serve you. 

Out of Fuel – This fault arises when your furnace is out of fuel. Inspect the supply line of fuel especially if you have an oil-fired or gas-fired furnace. 

If you are living in a moist climate then this problem will occur relatively more often. If this is not the case, check the insulation replace if it is not obstructing outside air. 

Moisture in the equipment could be the result of leakage in ducting. Contact immediately if it is so. 
Heat pumps take commands from the thermostat, when the thermostat does not achieve the desired temperature it stays on. Over-running of heat pumps could be the consequence of extreme cold weather. But if it isn’t so, maybe your heat pump is under-sized. 

Our technicians are located in Sun City, Arizona, contact them, they will calculate the load and advise you the optimum size of the same. 
When you turn on the heater after summer for the first time, don’t worry,  the burning smell is normal. The heated air is burning dust and debris accumulated in the ducts and filters. Turn off the system and clean it. 

Still, the problem persists?

Switch off the whole system ASAP!

Contact our technicians because it could be a serious issue like a blown motor, defective compressor, or short circuit. 
The following issues are increasing energy consumption and in turn energy bills:

Inefficient furnace/heat pump – If your furnace is age-old you should consider replacing it with a modern and efficient furnace or you can call us for repair. 

Air leakage (from windows and doors) – when cold air enters your house/office it lowers the temperature of the space. If it happens constantly, the thermostat does not allow the heat pump to turn off. 

Call our plumber or technician NOW!!

Energy-efficient Ductless HVAC Solutions, Light Commercial HVAC Services,Water Softeners, Water Treatment System, Water Heater Repair and Replacement

We at AZ Preferred Plumbing & HVAC provide installation, repair, and maintenance service of water heater, softeners, and treatment apparatus along with light commercial and ductless HVAC appliances. Our service ensures customer satisfaction and reliability. Our price is relatively lower than service providers in Sun City.

Ductless HVAC

Ductless HVAC equipment is relatively energy efficient and effective for small apartment and room additions. They occupy less space and are 30% C. Here is the list of some advantage and disadvantage of the Ductless HVAC system 
– It is easy to install as it requires only one hole of 8cm. 

– You can keep the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away from the evaporator
– It can deteriorate the appearance of the interior of the room

– It is operated on electricity only 
Contact our technician to install heating and air conditioning appliances at your residence in Sun City. 

Light Commercial HVAC

The most affordable and effective HVAC equipment for commercial use are as follows: 
In this type of HVAC system, all the parts are contained in outdoor units that can be installed on the roof or the rear of the building. It is available in 3 tonnes to 25 tonnes of capacity and there is an option to choose between gas or electricity operated. 
This system can be installed in light commercial use such as shops, medium-sized restaurants, and offices. Contrasting to the former, it comes in two units. The indoor unit is an evaporator and the outdoor unit contains a compressor and condenser. This equipment is far more efficient hence a right option for light commercial use

Call our technicians for load calculation in the town of Sun City. 

Some Serious Issues of Water Treatment and Softener Systems

The following is the list of issues that requires expertise to rectify them:

Failure of Downstream Equipments

When liquid waste enters the treatment plants, it is screened by primary filters. These filters obstruct the hair, plastic, paper, tin, and other non-biodegradable waste. When primary filtration does not happen smoothly and solid waste leaks to the downstream equipment it causes accumulation of solid waste and stops the treatment process.

Sludge leakage

Leakage of sludge is the result of improper recirculation ratio. This parameter affects the flow of liquid waste in the settling tank. When the flow increases and consequently sludge cloud increases thus it leaks into the outlet. Fill the Contact Us form (on the website) so that plumber/s can understand your problem.

Ineffective Resin beads

Resin beads are used in salt-based softeners. If you frequently recharge the resins, it indicates deterioration in quality. The solution is to replace it with new ones. Note - You may see particles of resins in softened liquid in case their quality has deteriorated. Our team of plumbers can replace beads quickly.

Motor Failure

The motor is the part of the assembly that pumps liquid. If the motor gets damaged the whole process will stop functioning. Contact our plumber to experience minimum downtime.

Dirty Filter

The softening apparatus employs filters in the beginning, it obstructs the dust or debris to enter the appliance. If the filter is dirty or choked, the process may not function as effectively as it should be.

Brown Fluid at Outlet

The brown liquid is undoubtedly undrinkable and cannot be used for industrial processes. It is either caused by corroded plumbing or the presence of sediments/dirt in large amounts. In some cases, it is due to the presence of bacteria in the softener.

Common Problem Of Water Heater

Our plumber and technician are experts in repairing water heaters, contact us and be stress-free. Our plumber/s will reach promptly if you are located in the town. 

Dirty, Rusty, and Smelly Water

Water gets dirty due to the sediments settled at the bottom of the storage. Flush it and clean the storage to solve this issue. When an anode or tank is corroded, you get rusty fluid at the outlet. Call our expert plumber to replace the tank/anode.

Water odors are caused by bacteria to resolve this issue adding 1 to 2 pint of three percent of hydrogen peroxide in 40 gallons of liquid allows the solution to settle down for 2-3 hours and then flush the tank. 

Still, sensing an unpleasant smell?

Phone our plumber/s ASAP! 

No Hot Water

In electric water heaters, this problem occurs in case the circuit breaker is tripped or heating elements have failed. In case anode or cathode fails, contact our plumber/s immediately. 

In a gas-powered heater, you should first check the supply line of gas, then inspect the pilot and its control valve. If the gas supply is normal but the pilot is not lighting up then give us a call. 

We are located in Sun City, Arizona. Our technician/s and plumber/s reach at the sight even in the middle of the night. We provide 24/7 service and our plumber/s are ready to deal with any contingency. 

Contact our plumber ASAP !!!

6 Common Sign That You Need Plumbing Repairs (ASAP)

AZ Preferred Plumbing and HVAC is the supreme repair, replacement, and installation service provider in Sun City, Arizona. We work 24/7 and respond to emergency services speedily. Our team of plumbers fix the fault in a single visit only. Your single call can save thousands of dollars in the long run so don’t delay. 

Top 4 Common Reasons For Drain Clogging And Their Solutions


Drain clogging is the most common problem of households as well as commercial drainage systems. This problem occurs due to negligence but it can be prevented with simple yet effective practices. The slow outlet of drain water is the first and obvious sign of a clogged drain so better to call our professional plumbers and save money in the long run. 
Strands of hair have the potential to block your drainage network if not removed from the pipeline on a regular basis. Most of the time it is easy to clean but if it is clearing then you should consider calling an expert plumber. If you have a pet then you must clean the drain more often to avoid clogging. 


Use hair cleaning devices such as drain spider and drain snake. You can also use drain cleaning chemicals but use it at your risk because it can worsen the problem. Better to contact a professional plumber. 
The drain clogging due to the flushing of toiletries is increasing day-by-day. The cause of the problem is flushable wipes, the truth is that they are just ‘flushable’, not ‘biodegradable’. Moreover, people are adopting the habit of flushing diapers and pads that causes tremendous pressure on sewage pipelines and sewage processing plants. According to the New York Times, the city has spent $18 million on ‘wet-wipes’ related problems in the drainage network. 


We should change our habits and dispose of toiletries in the right way. We must dispose of them in designated bins whether you’re at a public place or home. Contact our plumbers for more assistance. 
Grease Build-Up
Grease build-up generally occurs in the kitchen sink if you drain oil, fat, chocolate, cream, butter, or other greasy substance then it will block the pipes in such a way that no liquid can pass. People pour hot water in drainage and detergent along with oily substance to prevent clogging but this is a myth. 


Preferred way to deal with greasy/oily substances is to pack in a disposable container and toss it in the trash. If your drainage is clogged from grease then you can use a plunger or else contact us!
Plant and Dirt
A small crack in the underground drain pipe may lead to the growth of the root. These roots obstruct the water flow and cause pipe damage. Natural debris such as dirt leaves especially after spring and autumn may cause drain clogging. However your drainage gets blocked, you might need trenchless repair, pressure jet cleaning, or excavation. 


You have to clear the roots and leaves from the pipe if a problem still persists. Contact our plumber/s to solve complex plumbing problems. 

Get technical assistance from our plumber at your fingertips.