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Covid 19 Precautions Steps

Choose AZ Preferred Residential Plumber and Commercial Plumbers with the best precautions and safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the whole world upside down and has affected millions of people all around the world but that does not mean you would stop the work you are doing for a living and hire a residential plumber or commercial plumbers.  

Do not worry if you are facing any plumbing related issue, because we are working all day 24/7 to provide you services in this difficult situation that we all are facing.  

We are providing services with full precautions so that clients can get the solution to their problem without getting tensed or feeling unsafe in this critical situation of the pandemic.  

We completely understand how you must be tensed to call some stranger to get any emergency plumbing services as you cannot trust anyone in this terrible time of COVID 19 pandemic.  

You can completely trust our residential plumber and commercial plumbers as we care for our clients like family and we follow all the steps the government has issued to stop the spread of COVID19.  

We carefully follow all the instructions with all the safety measurements that are required. Our technicians at AZ Preferred Plumbing will follow high standards of safety and hygiene before arriving at your house and after leaving your house.  

Our team follows all the safety measures given below:
Our technicians follow the rule of social distancing and make sure they keep distance even if they have to work together at your home. They keep at least 4-5 feet of distance while they are working with their teammates.
Our whole team of a residential plumber and commercial plumbers wear PPE Kit, masks and gloves to keep them fully protected from COVID 19. They change their Kits every time they visit new clients.
Our team only accepts card payments so that we follow the rule of contact less payment so that clients and our team do not get in physical contact with each other.
We always keep important elements with us such as hand-sanitizers, temperature gun and masks and use it often to keep ourselves safe from the pandemic.
We also wash our hands before giving services and also sanitize all equipment that has been used in different places every time.
Our residential plumber and commercial plumbers are very careful before going to anyone’s house to provide the services as we check the temperature of every employee and if we find any of the technicians ill or symptomatic then we send them home immediately.  

Whether your pipe has been broken or you need an emergency plumbing service in this critical situation, you can call us at any time to get plumbing services from the AZ preferred plumbing.  

Whenever our team arrives at your home, make sure everyone is wearing a mask and keeping a distance as it is very much important to take care of ourselves in this difficult time.

Customer service

Our customer service is always ready anytime to give you emergency service at your doorstep. We are always there to answer all your questions with all precautions.  

Once you book an appointment with our residential plumber or commercial plumbers, we make sure to check everything before stepping into the house.  

Our team will call you up to gather information if anyone is ill or have symptoms or not.  

We always accept special requests and emergency services of our clients at any time of the day or night.  

Our team is always prepared for all types of risks and dangers and keeps ourselves checked to work safely.  

We also sanitize every equipment used such as sink auger, toilet auger, flange auger, cup plunger and all other tools used for plumbing services.  

We work very professionally so that you do not have to worry about any other thing such as safety or hygiene.

COVID 19 safety recommendations

1) Because of the increasing level of COVID 19, you also have to be very careful whenever you call anyone for services.


2) Do not gather in a crowd and make sure no one in the house comes in contact with any technicians as it can be risky for you.


3) If you are facing any problems such as fever, breathing difficulty, or cough, then make yourself checked as soon as possible.


4) Some do not call for any services otherwise it is urgent because not every service provider keeps safety precautions as we do at AZ, preferred plumbing.


5) If the issue is normal, then you can also take help from calling our technicians to get virtual help to fix your problem.


6) Using these safety precautions, we are always there for our clients whenever they need us. So, do not worry and call our residential plumber or commercial plumbers anytime at AZ preferred plumbing.