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Hire Top-Rated Glendale Plumbers for quality plumbing service in Glendale, Arizona. Give us a call now for speedy, cheap, and quality plumbing services.

We are the best plumbers in the business as well as the best in Glendale, AZ.  Our Glendale plumbers are well-trained and highly-experienced. Working from home and maintaining social distance means a house full of people, putting stress on your plumbing system. You might be wondering if you can still call Glendale plumbers and schedule services while adhering to the safety guidelines of social distancing. Get the best plumbing service in Glendale, AZ. 

Working from home and maintaining social distance means a house full of people, putting stress on your plumbing system. You might be wondering if you can still call Glendale plumber and schedule services while adhering to the safety guidelines of social distancing. The answer is yes!
At AZ Preferred Plumbing, we understand that the current disruption to daily life should not be compounded by plumbing issues in your home. Our emergency plumbers remain fully operational during this time and we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our team and community we serve!

Safely Performing Plumbing Services in Glendale

When our Glendale plumber visits your home, you can be assured that they will stick to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene – before, during and after their visit. We are strictly following government guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19, including the following precautions:
To perform essential services as quickly and effectively as possible, we will contact you prior to your appointment to assess whether there are any risks of exposure in their household. We will ask if there is any reason, we should not enter the home, especially in this pandemic, or if anyone in the house exhibits symptoms such as fever or shortness of breath.

If our plumbers find any symptoms then we will work diligently with you to decide the safest course of action to resolve your plumbing issue while protecting everyone involved.

If you have urgent plumbing needs or would like to schedule maintenance for your home, give the experts at AZ Preferred Plumbing a call at 480-300-1515 or contact us online today!

Whatever problem arises in your plumbing system, we can fix it quickly and safely.

Important Plumbing Reminders

AZ Preferred Plumbing staff is fully operational so if you need maintenance or any emergency plumbing services, here are a few tips for keeping your plumbing system in good shape while you are sheltering in place with your loved ones:
Only toilet paper breaks down in your plumbing system so avoid flushing things like wipes, napkins, or paper towels.
If you live in a joint family and are trying to figure out a showering schedule that works for everyone, consider staggering your showers twice a day.
If you are completely new to the plumbing system, take the opportunity to get to know how things work.

Get Essential Plumbing Services while Social Distancing

While this is abnormal time, AZ Preferred Plumbing understands the ongoing need for professional and local plumbing services. Glendale plumber makes us feel proud by providing 24×7 availability with high-quality service to our customers so that they can trust us.

At the first sign of trouble, make sure you reach out to our plumbers. By scheduling an appointment, you can expect a quick visit to your home to check on your toilet, faucet, or any other plumbing fixture that is causing you inconvenience.

Our technicians are experienced and equipped to handle any problem involving your plumbing system, so we are the team that can provide you with the repair service you need at an affordable price. We will also remove any clogging or blockage that is affecting your entire plumbing system and make sure it does not cause any trouble again.

Fixtures, Installation, Repair, and Installation

When it comes to faucets, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures, AZ Preferred Plumbing is capable of taking care of the entire job. From installation to repair, all the way to replacement services, we at AZ Preferred Plumbing offer everything to cover your needs. Get in touch with our friendly team whenever you are dealing with some of the more common plumbing fixtures, including toilet backups, leaks, and other damage to your plumbing issues.
AZ Preferred Plumbing is also the plumbing company you can rely on for toilet and faucet installations and replacement. Once we see that your toilets and faucets are no longer functional and repairs will no longer suffice, we have a selection of plumbing fixtures that will surely meet your needs. You can also contact our Glendale plumber if you are looking for a more modern set of plumbing fixtures.

We can provide you toilets, faucets and other plumbing fixtures that offer great features and stunning finishes that will add to your property’s appeal or complement its feel. Our plumbers will help you with upgrading the look and feel of your kitchen and bathrooms by installing your brand- new toilets and faucets property at a reasonable price.

Water Heater Repair Service

AZ Preferred Plumbing is the trusted plumbing company you can rely on for all your water heater repair needs. We provide quality solutions for water heater repair and installation in Glendale and nearby areas. Whether you have a traditional, navien, or tankless unit, we can service and repair it right away.

Water Filtration Service

Water filtration by AZ Preferred Plumbing ensures safe, clean drinking water for your home. We make sure you will get excellent water management services, from installation to routine maintenance. We take pride in having the new technology equipment and experience to take care of your water filtration system. You will have easy access to safe drinking water when you work with AZ Preferred Plumbing.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Professionals at AZ Preferred Plumbing understand that plumbing issues can crop up at the unsuitable time. However, we always recommend our customers that all plumbing projects, small or big, require the expertise and experience of a professional. Whenever your commercial or residential plumbing system is causing you any trouble, make AZ Preferred Plumbing be your first call.

Our experts will quickly respond to your plumbing situation because our customers are our priority. We provide efficient emergency plumbing services in Glendale and nearby areas to minimize the damage and any downtime. Our plumbing repair services are sure to restore your plumbing system back to its original condition.

AZ Preferred Plumbing always believes in providing the best services to make sure you get prompt and effective solutions, especially during the most urgent of plumbing situations. Whether you need help with a burst pipe, a damaged pipe, or even an overflowing toilet, our Glendale plumber at AZ Preferred Plumbing is the best team for the job.

Clogged Sewer Pipe Repair Service

Every day, sewer lines work moves gallons of water, food, debris and waste through our residential and commercial pipelines. Eventually, somehow sewer pipes can become clogged, causing a variety of issues both large and small. At AZ Preferred Plumbing, our Glendale Plumber understands how important it is for the sewer pipes in your home or office to stay clean, clear and ready for use.

Taking care of this, we offer appointment windows so you don’t have to wait around wondering when your technician is going to show up. Our plumbers always make sure they arrive on time and make you stress-free.

So, if you experience any symptoms of clogged sewer pipes, schedule an appointment with AZ Preferred Plumbing right away. We serve the entire Glendale, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, AZ and surrounding areas.

How Do You Know If Your Sewer Pipes are Clogged?

It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of clogged sewer pipes. If you notice any of the following signs occurring within your home or office, contact your local experts at AZ Preferred Plumbing to schedule a consultation.

Causes of Sewer Pipes Clogging

Clogged sewer lines can be caused by several material buildups within the pipeline. It is important to be careful about what goes down the drains in your home or office. Some of the most common causes of sewer pipe clogs are ordinary household substances.
Grease, fat and cooking oil should never be poured down the drain. These are not water-soluble so when poured down the drain, grease attaches itself to the lining of your pipes, attracting and trapping food, hair and other debris that is sent down and causes major clogging issues.
Hair that is allowed down the shower or bathtub drain can easily get caught inside your pipes, balling up and getting tangled with other debris that is also washed down. Many communities in the Glendale area have hard water, which contains minerals that react with the fatty acids found in soap. This can cause soap scum to form, encouraging the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria as well as causing clogs.
It can be enticing especially if you have a garbage disposal to wash food and coffee grounds down the drain. However, this is a bad idea. Pipeline blockages and clogs can be affected by waste food. Remember, nothing larger than a pea should be sent down the garbage disposal and even then, our Glendale plumber recommends a drain screen rather than relying on your disposal system. Also, coffee grounds from your morning joe don’t break down in the water and can cause build-up, clogs and headache-worthy damages to your pipes.

How AZ Preferred Plumbing Fix Your Clogged Sewer Pipes?

If you see a sign of clogged sewer pipes, it’s important to call your industry-leading experts at AZ Preferred Plumbing before the problem gets worse. After completing a comprehensive camera installation, our technicians will recommend one of the two solutions for unclogging your sewer line most quickly and cost-effectively.

Drain Snaking

Drain Snaking is one of the common methods of clearing out pipe clogs. This process involves experts inserting an auger with bristles attached to break up and capture the clog-causing material and blockages. This is a quick and affordable unclogging method, however; it should only be completed by trained experts to avoid inflicting any damage upon your pipes.


Pipe descaling is another method of removing the buildup, scale, and debris that causes clogs within your pipes. Scale buildup is common in old buildings so to descale iron pipes, a specialized machine with grinding chains is professionally inserted into your pipeline to spin and scrape it clean, clearing out all blockages and clogs.

Cracked Sewer Pipe Repair Service

Cracked sewer pipes can make themselves known in subtle or very obvious ways. Check the following signs for cracked sewer pipes so that you can be educated and prepared for the future.

Symptoms of Cracked Sewer Pipe

A cracked sewer pipe can cause extensive damage to the structure and integrity of buildings if not repaired immediately. There are various warning signs of cracked sewer pipes that can’t be ignored at any cost. If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s important to contact our Glendale plumber at AZ Preferred Plumbing as soon as you can.

Repair Your Cracked Sewer Pipe

Our Glendale plumber is trained and certified to provide a variety of options when it comes to residential or commercial sewer line repair. It doesn’t matter how small or large your pipes, we will tell you exactly what’s wrong and what the best repair options are for your scenario. As a trusted plumbing company in Arizona, we are confident in our ability to fix your plumbing needs.

Schedule an Appointment with the Top Plumbers in Glendale

At AZ Preferred Plumbing, our plumbers make sure to address all your plumbing needs right away. We ensure quick and effective repair services in Arizona. Call us today at 480-300-1515 or fill out an online form to schedule an appointment with the experts that are trusted in many parts of Arizona. We look forward to hearing from you soon!