The toilet is clogged – what to do?

Depending on the severity of your clogged drain, various means are used, which will be discussed in this article.

The toilet is clogged – what to do?

Clogging can happen to any toilet, regardless of its design. The very first thing to do, if the toilet is blocked, is pour hot water down the drain. This is done in order to create the maximum possible pressure in the pipes. This simple method will only help if the severity is minimal. If, after pouring out a few buckets of boiling water, the situation has not changed, you can try to resort to a chemical method for eliminating blockage.

For this method, one of the many solutions offered in stores will be required. Immediately it is worth saying that such a method is ineffective, since most of these compounds are designed to eliminate blockages created in bathrooms and shells. But you can try all the same – it will not be worse from this. The poured chemical should be left for a few hours, then clear the drain with a bucket of hot water. If this did not help, you will have to resort to the most effective, but the most expensive means – mechanical removal of the clog.


Cleaning the toilet bowl mechanically

The best way to clean the toilet by mechanical means is to bring plumbing to this job. This will save you from having to do such a dirty job. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

The first device that might be used is the air vent. To ensure that it does not get stuck in the drain hole during operation, the rubber cup should be additionally fixed on the handle by driving a nail into it with a large bonnet. The plunger must be installed on the drain hole and vigorously pumped down and up several times. Unfortunately, cleaning the toilet bowl in this way is only effective with small blockages.

A plumbing cable is also used to eliminate the blockages in the toilet. This “device” is a thick metal rope, at one end of which there is a handle, and on the other is a drill in the form of a spiral. It is worth noting that if the pipes in your home are not in the best condition, it is not recommended to apply this method without a specialist. In addition, before you start working with the cable, all the nearest surfaces should be covered with a film.

The spiral end of the cable is injected into the bowl of the toilet bowl, turning clockwise. Such a movement will create tension in the pipes and allow the tool to “pass through” all the bends. In the process of overcoming the pipes, the cable can become stuck, resting against the back of the bowl. You can understand this by the way the jam happens quickly. If it happened almost immediately, then the reason for this is the need to continue “twisting” the cable. Sometimes it can get stuck in a horizontal pipe, in this case you need to try to push it to the vertical riser.

It may also happen that the cable will get stuck in the very mass of the clog.  You can recognize this if the rope does not move in either direction. In this situation, you need to try to push the blockage into the riser, moving the rope to and fro. If the operation ends with a victory over the blockage, it will be necessary to pour all the same liquid into the toilet so that it removes the remnants of contamination from the walls of the pipe.

If, in your opinion, the blockage is in the corrugation, then it will have to be removed. Before this, you need to prepare some capacity, so that it doesn’t leak. Immediately it’s necessary to say that the work is difficult and extremely unpleasant, therefore it’s ill advised to do without the help of a professional.

If all these methods don’t help, you need to think about calling a plumber. The fact is that the blockage may not be in your toilet, but in a common riser. This situation can turn into a real disaster, because what will be released into the toilet bowl by neighbors from the top floor, can flood your floor.

The toilet was clogged – what should I do to prevent this from happening?

As you know, it’s better to prevent trouble than to remove it later, especially if you notice that the toilet is not washing off well. Don’t flush feminine hygiene product down the drain hole objects of. Also, regularly pour special fluids designed to prevent blockages into the toilet bowl.

Of course, the most effective way to avoid blockages for many years (subject to compliance with all rules of use) is during the installation of a new toilet, completely replace all the pipes. New pipes can be plastic, copper or cast iron. It depends solely on the desire of the owners of the apartment.

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