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Leak Detection Services AZ Preferred Plumbing

Leak Detection Services AZ Preferred Plumbing

In the Chandler area, there isn’t a better plumbing company to call for leak detection and leak repairs than AZ Preferred Plumbing. At AZ preferred plumbing, we have the experts and equipment needed to provide you with the best plumbing service that Chandler has to offer. We can come and fix the minor leaks such as:

  •    Toilet leaking
  •    Faucet leaking
  •    Shower leaking

We also offer leak detection services and repairs for more serious leaks such as:

  •    Copper pinhole leaks
  •    Slab leaks
  •    Sewer pipe leaks
  •    Leaking water heater

Minor Leaks

For someone who isn’t experienced in working with the plumbing of any kind should differ to a professional plumber. if your bathroom faucet is leaking and you are unaware of how to solve the issue, it’s ill advised to simply use some tools from your toolbox and play with the faucet till it works. This will lead damage being done to the faucet, or whatever plumbing appliance you are working on, as well as ruin the pipes that supply the faucet. When you’re dealing with a minor leak like a toilet leaking or a leaking faucet, you should call an experienced plumber.   

Major leaks

Whenever you have a leaking water heater, copper pinhole leak, or a slab leak you’re dealing with a serious leak that needs to be addressed immediately.

A leaking water heater stops you from getting as much hot water as it should, and may not provide hot water at all. This requires a professional plumber to do the repairs. By replacing a valve, our experts will be able to get your water heater working again. If the water heater is simply breaking down due to age, we can also do the installation of a new water heater for you.

    Copper pinhole leaks happen to the plumbing pipes behind your wall, floor, and ceiling. If you notice the sound of running water as well as a water stain appearing on the wall, floor, or ceiling, it’s a sign that you are dealing with a copper pinhole leak. Our leak detection experts can identify the source of the leak and patch it up the same day that you contact us. Don’t wait and allow the leak to cause water damage to your home, call the experts at AZ Preferred Plumbing.


   Slab leaks are the most serious leaks that need to be addressed as soon as possible but are also the hardest leaks to identify. The only signs that come with a slab leak is a slight heating of the ground where the general location of the leaks is and a significantly higher water bill from all of the wasted water dispersed by the leak. That’s why contacting the best plumbers in the Chandler area at AZ Preferred Plumbing is the best choice you can make when deciding how to handle the issue leak. We have the equipment need to perform the leak detection services and find out exactly where the leak is coming from. There isn’t a leak we can’t handle and that’s a guarantee.  

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